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Apr 03 2018

5 Ways To Spot SPAM

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 12:47 pm

If your spam filtration settings are optimized and your email address is set up properly, the chances are a majority of spam emails sent to you end up in a designated spam / junk folder, or don’t reach you at all. However even when everything is done right, spam emails can and will find their Keep Reading…

Sep 28 2017

Top 5 red flags for SEO scam

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 9:35 am

Who hasn’t seen some form of advertisement that promises “Guaranteed first page Google results”? If you’re a business owner with a website, you’re likely swarmed with spam emails with similar messages on a weekly basis. To some, these promises sound tantalizing. “Hey, if they’re guaranteeing it, they can’t be lying right?” or “It’s free and Keep Reading…

Aug 08 2017

Should You Use a Website Builder?

Category: General,Web DevelopmentMyles Calvert @ 2:07 pm

So you run your own business and are looking to get your first website built. You start researching your options of hiring a professional or choosing a DIY website builder such as Wix and SquareSpace but can’t decide which route to take. Anyone reading this who realizes I’m a professional web designer might think my Keep Reading…

Mar 30 2017

Go Google Yourself

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 2:52 pm

Despite what you may have been told growing up, it’s okay to Google yourself. In fact you should do it often. You won’t go blind. With so many different places and ways that someone can be mentioned online these days, it’s increasingly important for you to know what people find when they Google your name. Keep Reading…

Sep 27 2016

Who owns your domain name?

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 10:48 am

Recently, we successfully helped a client retrieve ownership and control of their domain name from their less than co-operative previous web service provider. Unfortunately this was not the first time we’ve encountered an issue like this and likely won’t be the last. I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some information that will hopefully Keep Reading…

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