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Dec 09 2019

Branding Consistency

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 12:40 pm

When you think of Best Buy, the colors that come to mind are blue and yellow. When you think of McDonalds, the golden arches. Coca-Cola, red with white writing.

This is no accident.

Large companies have understood the importance of branding consistency for decades and in some cases have been the pioneers behind it. Whoever in the Nike marketing department that suggested they use a simple black and white swoosh for their logo must be reaping the benefits to this day.

Consistent use of colors, graphics and font creates a more recognizable brand which in turn allows their marketing efforts to stand out more. You know who these companies are even without their names in the logo.

The good news is this isn’t something only the big and powerful can accomplish. In fact branding consistency costs nothing more than a little awareness and discipline.

First, you’ll want to decide what color(s) best represent your company. For a little help on the psychology of colors, click here. The same can be done for the graphics in your logo and what font is used.

Hint: comic sans is never the correct answer.

Once you have these foundational pieces in place and your logo is designed based on them, now is where your awareness and discipline comes into play.

You’ve done your homework to choose the elements of your branding so it would be a waste not to ensure it’s applied across the board on everything you do both internally and externally. Of course this means having your website built to match the branding established by your logo, but did you also know it means:

  • Internal letterheads
  • Social media profiles
  • Company swag and uniforms
  • Hardware (i.e. laptops, cell phone covers)
  • Vehicle colors
  • Labels, envelopes, pens
  • Decorations for the anniversary
  • Sprinkle colors of the cupcakes served at the Christmas party
  • Office décor and signage
  • Clothing worn by people in your ads
  • Favicon (..huh?)

Think of it this way; any time there is something visual related to your company, it should match your branding. The more disciplined and detail oriented you are about this the stronger your branding will be. You’ll be the Tim Hortons, Microsoft or Target of your local business community in no time! 🙂

Wait, go back. What the heck is a “Favicon”?

If you’re looking for assistance in establishing your brand or applying your current branding to your web presence, contact Tenpine today!

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