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Nov 19 2013

Why Do I Need Ongoing SEO?

Category: Search Engine MarketingMyles Calvert @ 1:33 pm

This is a common question I’ve seen asked & addressed several times on other websites and blogs, but I thought I would try to tackle the topic in my own metaphoricy driven way. Think of your website as a space shuttle, and outer space as where your website will become the most visible on the Keep Reading…

Jan 11 2013

Meta Tags Are Obsolete

Category: Search Engine MarketingMyles Calvert @ 11:40 am

There is a lot of miss information and out dated information online. Meta tags (meta keyword, meta description) are no longer looked at by search engines whatsoever in terms of where your website gets ranked. Yes, what much of the web using public still considers to be the backbone of achieving high results in search Keep Reading…

Nov 18 2012

Why has my website slipped in Google results?

Category: Search Engine MarketingMyles Calvert @ 11:45 am

We recently received this question from a long time client and thought this was a good time to answer it for everyone. “Why has my website slipped in Google search results?” is a common (and fair) question. Most people will get used to their spot in the Google search results when using common phrases they Keep Reading…

Mar 02 2012

Google Adwords?

Category: Search Engine MarketingMyles Calvert @ 1:40 pm

Using Google Adwords in an effort to obtain higher website traffic has been increasing in popularity. Mainly due to the fact that more businesses are realizing the power of online marketing in general, and what better place to start than the current king of the internet? What is Google Adwords? Google Adwords is a pay Keep Reading…

Jan 26 2012

December Website Traffic

Category: Search Engine MarketingMyles Calvert @ 3:18 pm

If you have the habit of checking your website traffic from time to time, you likely notice the dip every year in December. Do not be alarmed! No, your website has not suddenly fallen off the Google Earth. I’ve handled many Search Engine Marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients in a variety of Keep Reading…

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