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Feb 02 2012

Email vs. Phone

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 2:45 pm

The inspiration for this blog posting came from the fact that I’m currently in the middle of a 4 day long game of phone tag with a new client. We haven’t yet had the chance to exchange email addresses, so we’re forced to continue the game until we can connect.

I’ve always been a big fan and user of email as a means of communication, and running a web design business has only strengthened this. Mind you, this is not to say phone calls don’t have their benefits. A phone call can allow you to connect on a more personal level with someone compared to email, and it’s also a good way to share plenty of information in a short period of time.

A phone call now and then is essential.

So then, why use email as your preferred method of communication?

  1. Less Interuption
    A recipient of an email can read and digest the message when they are able to, and respond at a time when they’re able to focus on the purpose of the email, rather than receiving a phone call and ‘needing to answer it right now’ while elbow deep in an unrelated task.
  2. Less Pressure to Remember
    “Don’t forget to call so and so back! What were those figures Jeff gave me again? What time did Ashwin want to meet?” Information shared over the phone, although plentiful, runs a bigger risk of falling through the cracks. We’re forced to write things down (or try and remember if we’re not able to write at the time for whatever reason), put it in our calendars right away etc., The same information delivered though email is already written down, and will always be there for us to look back on whenever we need to. Instant backup!
  3. More Flexibility
    Whether we’re in a public restaurant, or a crowded train, or the middle of a seminar, it’s always much easier to read and reply to email than it is to step away and make or take a phone call. This means, that during the times of the day we’re in business mode, we’re more accessible, flexible, and efficient, and whether or not you work for yourself or a boss you’re trying to impress, productivity is always a good thing!
  4. More time to think
    How many times have we been caught off guard by a colleague or client calling about a project that you haven’t thought of in days or weeks? They start asking you about specifics that you simply just can’t summon at the time and it ends up being an unproductive and rather annoying phone conversation because of it. If the information and questions that person had were sent in an email instead, this would allow you the time to review and get yourself caught up on the topic so you can send back an educated and thorough response. Again, it’s all about efficiency!

Am I saying I never take or make calls? Of course not, if you’re involved in business that’s something you should, and will, do daily. Am I saying I believe dialing should be illegal and everyone should be forced to only send emails? Absolutely not, as I mentioned earlier phone calls certainly have their benefits that can never be ignored.

I suppose the overall message of this blog, is that it’s my personal principal to utilize email for the majority of my business related communication for all the reasons listed above so I am more effective and efficient. I also feel with the increase of technology, the vast majority of people will also adopt this belief.

Embrace it, Learn it, Use it. Or you may be left behind!

I wouldn’t be surprised that when my grand kids are in college, they would snicker at their dear ol’ gramps when he tells them he used to use something called a ‘telephone’ to dial and speak to someone on the other end.

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