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Jun 18 2013

Group Chat Etiquette

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 12:35 pm

Whether it’s on Facebook, or iMessage, or BBM (do people still use BlackBerrys?), or even old school (ha!) multiple recipient emails, most of us have likely been involved in a group chat or two recently.

With the popularity & access of this type of communication continuing to grow, it may be a good idea for us to go over a few helpful tips and guidelines for the peoples of the internet…

  1. Participate.
    You were added to the thread for a reason, we need & value your input! Lack of participation can be seen as lack of interest and also leaves us wondering whether you’re going to be involved in what’s being discussed. Even if it’s just simply to say “I’m in” or “I’m out”.
    People get weirded out by the silent creeper in the back of the room.
  2. Read, then ask.
    If you’re coming into a thread that’s seen a lot of activity, scroll up to read and catch up before diving in. Your questions have likely already been answered above. Someone having to repeat the same information is annoying enough for them, but in a group chat many people are involved, and will all be alerted of messages containing information they’ve already read.
  3. Add value.
    A random picture of a goat or a funny one liner that doesn’t progress the discussion is ok to sprinkle in for a chuckle, but use sparingly. Group chats exist to make discussing and planning more efficient, too many useless comments defeat the purpose.
    Efficient planning now = more fun later.
  4. Stay on topic.
    If the topic being discussed reminds you of something else you wanted to talk to a fellow participant about, text or message them individually. The list of group chat members was made specifically for the topic being discussed, chances are they don’t want to hear about your hair salon trip while they’re planning a camping weekend.

Group Chat Etiquette

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