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Feb 10 2012

Make a Good Eblast

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 2:48 pm

Like most of you reading this, I receive about a dozen eblasts from different companies every week. I’m also responsible for the creation and delivery of many eblasts through the service I offer my clients, typically as a part of a larger Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Because of my unique perspective as both a creator and a viewer, I believe I have enough experience and expertise to answer the following question:

What Makes A Good Eblast?

  1. Interesting Content!
    A good eblast needs to contain information that people are actually interested in to make it worth their time.

    i.e. I received an eblast from ‘FreshBooks’. The focal point (and subject line) of the email was the article “7 Small Business Accounting Tips”. I found this interesting, so I opened it. Inside I found not only the article of interest, but also their secondary message of their new referral program. If the focal point of the email was on that referral program I would have likely deleted the email and moved on. Instead I opened to read the interesting article that benefits me, and since I did, I stumbled on the referral program. Due to ‘FreshBooks’ good eblast practices, they received two new customers via the referral emails I sent out to some clients and colleagues.

    It should not be ONLY about selling a service or product.

  2. Not Too Often!
    I started this email explaining how we all receive many emails and eblasts every week. Sending out your company eblasts too often will just become annoying white noise to your distribution list, and likely result in less interest and even unsubscribers. If you’re sending weekly eblasts, STOP! Once a month is plenty. Depending on your type of business, perhaps once per quarter (this is how often Tenpine distributes) or even twice per year. Decrease the quantity + increase the quality = more effective eblast marketing.
  3. Not Too Much!
    Try not to cram too much into each eblast. Cluttered eblasts = glazed eyes + lack of information being retained. If you have a lot to cover, make sure the eblast is well organized with your primary message on the left and secondary messages on the right. A great way to deliver a lot of info while saving space is to just provide ‘teasers’ within the eblasts accompanied with a link to ‘learn more’ or ‘keep reading’ which take the reader to your website for the full information. This is also a great way to get traffic to your website for readers to see everything your company offers.

Many of the same standard web design principals apply to creating a good eblast. As long as you follow the tips above, and make a consistent effort to gradually grow your distribution list, eblasts can be an effective method of marketing for your business.

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