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Jan 11 2013

Meta Tags Are Obsolete

Category: Search Engine MarketingMyles Calvert @ 11:40 am

There is a lot of miss information and out dated information online. Meta tags (meta keyword, meta description) are no longer looked at by search engines whatsoever in terms of where your website gets ranked. Yes, what much of the web using public still considers to be the backbone of achieving high results in search Keep Reading…

Nov 18 2012

Why has my website slipped in Google results?

Category: Search Engine MarketingMyles Calvert @ 11:45 am

We recently received this question from a long time client and thought this was a good time to answer it for everyone. “Why has my website slipped in Google search results?” is a common (and fair) question. Most people will get used to their spot in the Google search results when using common phrases they Keep Reading…

Sep 26 2012

How to connect to customers you don’t know (yet). – Article by Google

Category: Online VideoMyles Calvert @ 10:20 am

It’s easier than you might think. And it could be a great addition to your existing marketing campaigns. VIDEO Try a short and friendly video related to your business. Post it on YouTube, embed it into your website, and only people who are already interested in what you’re selling will see it. Your video becaomes Keep Reading…

Aug 20 2012

Shelf Life of A Website

Category: Web DevelopmentMyles Calvert @ 10:58 am

Now that I’ve been in the web business for over 7 years, I’m starting to see things come full circle. Clients that I’ve had the pleasure of working with since the beginning have been deciding to have me re-vamp or even re-design their original website to something more modern and conducive of where their business Keep Reading…

May 14 2012

Are You A Digital Packrat?

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 10:52 am

Article by leo babauta How to Know If You’re a Digital Packrat The main way to know: 1) you feel that you should keep a lot of files “just in case”; 2) it takes you too long to find stuff; 3) your digital life is becoming complicated, with multiple email accounts, drives, storage mediums and Keep Reading…

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