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Apr 26 2013

Tenpine Turns 3 Years Old!

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 10:37 am

So I was out to dinner with an old friend (The Works = amazing – Shout Out!), and it suddenly hit me: “Holy shish-kabobs! I completely flaked on Tenpine turning 3 a few weeks ago.” (my apologies to Jeff, Ashwin & the Groovy Gang, I owe you guys a dinner).

Once I finished smacking myself for not even acknowledging it in a Facebook post (I rationalized it by saying kids that young might not even remember their birthday was missed.. right?), I had a small back patting moment as I recalled the career plan I made for myself coming out of High School:

  1. Take the Policing program to have that in my back pocket
  2. Take the Interactive Multimedia Post Graduate program
  3. Find a Job in the web / media field
  4. Parlay that into starting my own web / media business
  5. Start living the dream!

CHECK! I’m proud of that forethinking wise beyond his years 18 year old, good on ya young me.

To celebrate, here is a list of random small business owning thoughts / lessons / rules I’ve learned so far in no particular order:

  • Word of mouth should be your #1 asset, customer service is tops.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one marketing basket, many do not work.
  • Be loyal with your network and grow together, have each others back.
  • The more organized you are the better, invest in folders & paper clips.
  • Be strict with your business hours, balance = long term sustainability.
  • Watch the dollars closely, but don’t sweat the cents.

A huge thanks to my family and friends for their constant support, and to everyone who has played an important part of my business life.

I’d be no where without you.

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