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Jan 16 2012

Video Content for Websites

Category: Online VideoMyles Calvert @ 2:09 pm

Video content is hot right now, and getting hotter. Online web videos have been around for more than 10 years, yet it’s only been recently that these web videos have become more practical, cost effective and beneficial to your business. Websites such as have become so popular, that companies are actively looking for excuses to have videos developed for their companies in order to take advantage of the hundreds of millions of hits the site gets every month.

‘Why?’ you ask? It’s simple, technology has caught up. Better, more efficient and more flexible web tools have been introduced in every phase of web videos.

1. Creation
Smaller and less costly filming equipment is now more accessible by more people than ever before. As well, video editing software from companies such as Adobe, Corel, Sony & Pinnacle are more affordable than ever before. Because of this, what used to be only done by a select few with an exclusive set of skills, is now opening up to a wider range of developers. Sure the better quality equipment still isn’t what most people would consider ‘cheap’, and of course you still get what you pay for when it comes to professional video development, yet if you’re looking to create some decent video content for your website, it’s now easier than ever.

2. Hosting
Remember sitting by your computer for hours waiting for a 10 minute video to download from your email or from a link on a website? Thanks to dedictaed online video hosting providers, these days are becoming a distant memory. Nowadays, you can upload your video to a platform such as, Flickr, Vimeo, or Photobucket in a matter of minutes to allow anyone in the world to view your video quickly and easily.

3. Delivery
Once your video is created and hosted, the next step of integrating the video onto your website is where enhancements in technology have been noticed the most by us here at Tenpine. The hosting providers listed above have made it very easy to position a video directly on a website. Gone are the days where a video must be downloaded and viewed on your computer using a certain piece of software (I personally remember how annoying that could get). Nowadays, by use of a simple piece of coding provided by the video hosting providers, a video can be played right from the website without even the need to open up in a new window. This allows for a much better viewing experience on your website and can also really help to add life to the design of a page.

Never before has video been as easy to create, host and share with others. So whether you’re looking to hire a professional to handle things for you (our recommendations below), or to take on the project yourself, you will likely find the process to be more painless and easy as you may have thought.

Looking for a video professional?
Groovy Concepts – – Oakville, Toronto, GTA area
Pacific Productions – – Niagara, Fort Erie area

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