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Nov 19 2013

Why Do I Need Ongoing SEO?

Category: Search Engine MarketingMyles Calvert @ 1:33 pm

This is a common question I’ve seen asked & addressed several times on other websites and blogs, but I thought I would try to tackle the topic in my own metaphoricy driven way.

Think of your website as a space shuttle, and outer space as where your website will become the most visible on the internet. To launch a shuttle from earths surface through our atmosphere takes a lot of planning, and significant investment of time and resources.

The same can be said for launching your website from obscurity, to being highly visible on the search engines. It takes experienced engineers time & planning to handle the initial search engine optimization of your website. If it’s done properly, you usually see rapid results in the early stages as your website goes from 0 to however high the SEO provider you hired can take it. However, once it’s launched and in orbit, that’s often not the end of the job. (More Below)

Now, there are always exceptions to every rule, meaning that there are cases where some sites get launched and are able to stay in orbit long term without much or any ongoing attention. Yet for the majority of sites outside of this lucky few, steps should be taken to prevent the shuttle from slowly dropping back into the atmosphere and crash landing in the pacific ocean.

Below are a few examples of why your website may need ongoing SEO maintenance…

  1. Targeting new keywords.
    As time goes on, new keywords are often discovered that your website should be targeting. A company/website may change with new services, new products etc., or seasonal changes result in different keywords being more relevant. Also the consumers searching habits may shift thus putting more importance onto a new keyword that was not targeted in the original SEO process.
  2. Continued Link building efforts.
    As you may know, quality inbound links are an important aspect in making your website visible on Google. As new websites surface that are related to the client’s company, there should be an effort to form a link from that website.
  3. Staying on top of the search engine algorithms.
    As a constantly learning & researching expert in SEO will tell you, we are continuously obtaining new search engine practices and obtaining SEO information that can be applied to your website. The methods in which Google and other major search engines look for and rank websites are constantly evolving. The tools put in place during the initial launch may have less significance down the road when algorithms change and become even more sophisticated.

In short, the internet is an ever changing platform and continued efforts and attention should be given to ensure your website remains as visible as possible so you can continue to see a good return on your investment.

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