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Nov 18 2012

Why has my website slipped in Google results?

Category: Search Engine MarketingMyles Calvert @ 11:45 am

We recently received this question from a long time client and thought this was a good time to answer it for everyone. “Why has my website slipped in Google search results?” is a common (and fair) question.

Most people will get used to their spot in the Google search results when using common phrases they believe others are using to find their website. However when they notice their website showing up lower than it was before, they tend to ask ‘What gives?’.

Here’s what may give…

  • 1. Competition for the same keywords
    Chances are you’re not the only one who is targeting the most popular keywords associated with the products or services you offer. For example, if you’re a business consultant in Niagara, and have put some time into SEO, you’ve likely geared your website to target “Niagara business consultants”. Which is great! However, there are certain to be other business consulting companies in your area who have also recognized the value of Search Engine Optimization, and as a result, identified the same keyword as one they should target.
  • 2. Lack of ongoing effort / investment in SEO
    Think of SEO as a constant race. Working hard to build a large initial lead is wonderful, however no matter how far ahead you are early on, others will join the race and eventually get caught up if you stop running. SEO requires constant effort & investment to obtain and maintain good results.
  • 3. Google changing their Algorithms
    This is the one factor that you have the least control over. Google uses a large set of rules to determine how their search results are formulated which are kept very much to themselves. As the online world and technology changes, so must their rules to accommodate the changing landscape in an effort to provide their users with the best searching experience. This means what may have worked last month, may not necessarily work well today as Google changes their focus from one element to another. An experienced and talented SEO’er will have the resources and knowledge to recognize these changing trends in order to stay on top of things. That brings us back to point #2 above.

Google Search
Our advice? If search results on Google are important to you (and we hope they are), ensure that Search Engine Optimization is a high priority in your overall company marketing and have your budget reflect that. SEO is a tough, ever changing world and only those willing to put the proper time, effort and investment into it will rise to the top.

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