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Aug 22 2018

Why Not WordPress?

Category: Web DevelopmentMyles Calvert @ 10:01 am

WordPress is a free piece of web software originally designed for making blogs. You get what you pay for and our feeling is that WordPress is best meant to be used for what it was created for, blogs not full websites.


Below are 7 reasons why we recommend business owners and web developers steering clear of building a website with WordPress (WP).

1. Lacks design flexibility.
A lot of WP websites tend to look very similar which takes away the impact that a proprietary unique design has on visitors.

2. Vulnerable to being hacked.
This is the big one. Due to the nature of the WP code and system, including the dependency on plugins, WP websites can be much more prone to being hacked or getting infected with a virus.
Click here to learn why hackers attack WordPress websites

3. Not proprietary.
You don’t own the website or code if your website is built with WP. You’re ultimately at the whim of the decision makers at WP in terms of how often your software gets updated (a big reason why WP sites are vulnerable), and ultimately the existence of the website in general. You’re also at the mercy of the WP system going down which takes down your website. It adds another layer of uncertainty that no one needs.

4. More difficult to transfer.
A professionally built custom website uses traditional code that is able to be read and hosted by any web server in the world. WP on the other hand does not work on every server, and also requires a special set up to have it moved and re-planted properly on a new server.

5. Lacking support.
If you created the WP website yourself, you paid no one for the WP software so there is no one at WP available to contact for help. You’re only options would be to contact a WP developer, or try and find answers online.

6. Lack of feature flexibility.
WP plugins are restrictive and only do what they’re designed to do with little customization available. Custom programming on the other hand allows a developer to create exactly what you want to the letter with less security concerns. Most WP plugins are developed by different creators, which means you have to be able to contact up to 5 creators if you have 5 different plugins on your website. Some of which are difficult or impossible to get any tangible help from.

7. Slow.
One of the reasons why there are developers specializing in WP development is because it’s easier for them, not necessarily better for you. WP provides “themes” which a developer can choose from, like a template, and then swap in your logo and content. This means the code of most WP websites is bloated and heavy resulting in slower speeds and ultimately lower search engine rankings since Google takes the load speed of a website into consideration when determining how high up websites appear in their results.

When deciding how to build your website, do your research and choose wisely!

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