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Jan 18 2016

Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Category: Web DevelopmentMyles Calvert @ 1:48 pm

It’s no surprise having a website that’s easy to use on a mobile device is becoming more important as more people turn to their phones for web browsing. In fact, in 2014 the tipping point was reached and more users were using mobile devices than desktops (although both are increasing).


Google reacted to this by implementing changes as to how they rank websites in their search results. Starting April 2015, if a potential customer is performing a search on their phone, Google will now display websites that they consider mobile friendly higher than those that they do not.

Is your website mobile friendly in the eyes of Google? Find out below.

What does this mean for your business?
If your website doesn’t pass Googles mobile friendly test, you’ll miss out on an increasing number of potential leads while the usage rate of mobile browsing continues to climb.

So what actually is a mobile friendly website?
In the simplest terms it’s a website that when viewed on a mobile device such as an iPhone the navigation is easy to use, and the text is large enough to read easily without the need to zoom in.

“Mobile friendly” vs. “Responsive”
There seems to be quite a bit of confusion related to these two terms. They do not mean the same thing, nor do they mean the opposite. Not all responsive websites are mobile friendly, while non responsive websites can certainly be mobile friendly. We build websites that fit the latter.

We feel it’s important that your website be mobile friendly while utilizing the same consistent layout no matter where it’s being viewed. This way you will get the best of both worlds: a website that Google loves which is easily used on mobile devices, yet also looks the same when it’s being viewed on desktop so that repeat visitors are already comfortable with the interface and navigation.

In conclusion, while there are a couple roads that get you there, they should all lead to the same destination. Whether it’s a responsive website or a consistent mobile friendly layout, the priority should be to look good in the eyes of both your visitors as well as Google, the reigning king of the internet.


Is it time for you to re-evaluate your website? Email or call 905-401-3685 to speak with Myles at Tenpine Web Development. Tenpine is a full service Web Development Firm located right here in Niagara.

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