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There are several variables that may help explain why one quote is so different than another, even though they’re both based on the same project details. Some companies have significant overhead due to a large staff or a physical location for their business that they need to cover. We stay lean and efficient by avoiding unnecessary expenses which don’t help to make our client's websites better.

Location can be another major factor. If a web design company from the GTA and a web design company from Niagara each quoted the same project, generally speaking the one from the GTA will be higher due to their market. We like to say we provide big city quality at small town prices.

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To this I would simply say, be careful. A good portion of our clients have come to us after they’ve tried to let an acquaintance take a shot at building their website because they figured it wouldn’t cost much. The appeal is understandable; having a friend of a friend who knows something about web design build the website on the side for cheap seems like a smart cost saving idea.

However what you may save in initial web design costs is often outweighed by the lost time of having the website re-built by a professional. There may also be lost opportunities to attract new clients by having a less than average website online representing the business.

A poor looking and functioning website (whether it's a DIY website or something else not built by a professional) can do more harm for your business than good. The websites we build our clients show their customers how much care and effort they put into their own business which illustrates how much care and effort they put into their products and services.

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The length of time required to build a website varies significantly on what’s required for the website. We have built some basic websites in as little as two weeks, while some have taken as long as 6 months. How fast a client can make decisions and gather / provide content also plays a significant role in how quickly a website can be built.

Prior to beginning your website, we will be able to give you an estimated timeline.

There are no monthly costs associated with the website build itself. The only potential recurring costs are hosting, domain registration and maintenance (which is optional and not required by everyone).

We do offer optional monthly packages for anyone interested in certain services such as social media marketing, and search engine optimization etc.,

Absolutely. Using a combination of our simple to use custom Content Management System and third party installations (i.e. WordPress driven blog), we make sure you’re able to edit areas of your website that require frequent updating.

Yes we do. Our relationship with clients doesn’t end when the website is complete. We are always a click or call away to offer any advice or assistance you may require for anything digital.

Our websites are custom designed and built using HTML5 and PHP language programming. At times we do utilize third party tools for specific purposes (installing and integrating WordPress into your website so you can manage your own blog) however we do not use third party tools (WordPress, Joomla etc.,) to create the websites themselves.

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The method in which we build and code websites is very search engine friendly (Google loves us!). After your website has been online long enough for Google to find and index your new website, anyone searching for you will very easily find you. We also offer more advanced SEO services that will help make your website found easier when people search for broad search terms about what your business offers.

If your website was just recently built and launched, it likely isn't showing in Google search results because it's too new. Usually it can take around four weeks for it to begin to show up in search engine results. While we're used to getting things online quickly, search engine indexes can be rather slow.

You can test to see if your website has been found and indexed by Google by searching for your full URL ( to see if it appears in search results. You can also attempt to speed up the process by submitting your URL via Google Webmaster Tools or using Google doesn’t add all submitted URLs to their index, and they can’t make predictions or guarantees about when or if submitted URLs will appear in their index.
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If you have any questions that the above does not answer thoroughly, do not hesitate to email or call and ask away! If you're interested in getting a quote for your website, we're here for that too. :)

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