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A professionally built website is essential for any small business or organization. Stay ahead of the competition by partnering with us for all your website design & hosting needs.

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Welcome To Tenpine

We are a Niagara based website & digital marketing company serving all over the region and beyond.

With a team of experts providing web services such as website design, hosting, digital marketing, and custom graphics, there is no project we cannot handle.

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Digital Marketing

What is it?
Digital marketing covers all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet to increase exposure for a business. This includes Google search, social media and email marketing to name a few.

Why use it?
More people are spending more time online. This is where your customers attention is and it's where your marketing dollars will be the most effective in terms of increasing leads, revenue and profits.

Will it work?
Digital marketing services can work for any type of business in any industry. No matter what service or product you sell, there are digital marketing solutions to reach your target audience and introduce them to your business.

Digital Marketing Services Niagara

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Why Not WordPress?

WordPress is a free piece of web software originally designed for making blogs. You get what you pay for and our feeling is that WordPress is best meant to be used for what it was created for, blogs not full websites.

There are 7 reasons why we recommend business owners and web developers steering clear of building a website with WordPress (WP)...

Why Not WordPress

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