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Jun 12 2020

Beware of this domain scam

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 8:48 am

Some scams go on for years when they’re successful enough to sustain themselves. It’s up to the people who recognize them to speak up so more people are aware and there are less victims to prey on. A popular domain name scam that I’ve seen pop up over the last 10 years has recently seemed Keep Reading…

Dec 09 2019

Branding Consistency

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 12:40 pm

When you think of Best Buy, the colors that come to mind are blue and yellow. When you think of McDonalds, the golden arches. Coca-Cola, red with white writing.This is no accident.Large companies have understood the importance of branding consistency for decades and in some cases have been the pioneers behind it. Whoever in the Keep Reading…

Jun 12 2018

How To Secure Your Website

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 2:46 pm

Since July 2018, Google Chrome (the most popular web browser on the market, with a nearly 60% usage rate and climbing) has started marking websites with a “Not Secure” label if they are not HTTPS secured. This not only hurts the credibility of your website and the comfort level for its visitors, it may also Keep Reading…

Apr 03 2018

5 Ways To Spot SPAM

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 12:47 pm

If your spam filtration settings are optimized and your email address is set up properly, the chances are a majority of spam emails sent to you end up in a designated spam / junk folder, or don’t reach you at all. However even when everything is done right, spam emails can and will find their Keep Reading…

Sep 28 2017

Top 5 red flags for SEO scam

Category: GeneralMyles Calvert @ 9:35 am

Who hasn’t seen some form of advertisement that promises “Guaranteed first page Google results”? If you’re a business owner with a website, you’re likely swarmed with spam emails with similar messages on a weekly basis. To some, these promises sound tantalizing. “Hey, if they’re guaranteeing it, they can’t be lying right?” or “It’s free and Keep Reading…

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